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Lomilomi & Healing Trauma

In everyday life the traumatic and difficult issues we encounter get stored and banked within the cellular memories of our body, deep into our physical and emotional structure, and affect our electromagnetic field around us. This accumulation of traumatic energies and problematic memories may manifest in the form of pain, tension and physical or psychological dis-eases.

A Lomilomi healer helps the client to resolve and process which gets freed from the cellular memories within the body and the psyche during a Lomilomi healing session, be it the toxins or trapped emotions from the cellular structures or energetic blockages within and around the body’s energetic field.

Therefore, Lomilomi unlike other massage modalities does not just help with symptom management, but also in resolving and healing the core cause of the pain and illness. A lomilomi practitioner also understands the importance of unconditional universal love in healing. Therefore, through practice, training and connecting to the ancestral spiritual records a Lomi practitioner can work as a conduit of the universal love and nourish the clients’ body and soul with its healing energy.

A Lomi practitioner assists the clients in better and deeper understanding of their true self and core nature. The client is free during each session to talk openly and discuss in a confidential environment. Sometimes the person will talk at the start of a session; others may talk of how their life has changed over the course of several sessions. There is then a counselling aspect to Lomilomi. This is not sought by the practitioner but may be a welcomed opportunity by the client.

Lomi healers or practitioners, through their Shamanic training, spiritual background and connection to Kahunas teachings and profound life experiences, can sense and pinpoint the real point of stress or issue in the client’s body and psyche and guide them energetically, spiritually and physically to resolve deep seated issues.

Lomilomi healing sessions can bring about transformational positive changes in one’s life and pave the way for living a full and purposeful life.

Mahalo Nui to all creations


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