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SPiritual Healing

Aloha to those on the path of evolution and healing,


Spiritual healing invites us closer to our core, to the depth of our existence to our essence of being. It allows us to go beyond the external noises and distractions of this world and our thoughts. It enables us to hear the call of our own heart and the reality of what is beyond the illusory veil of maya. 


The inner dive of surrendering to what is, the shedding of the constructed self.


Spiritual healing is a personal journey to the heart energy, to the cellular memories and the wisdom of our own body. Through this deep connection to our body, we can then surpass its borders and profoundly connect to all that is. We go beyond the lack and separation consciousness and become one with the source of all healing, the universal divine love and primordial energy. When our body and soul become one with the primordial energy, a profound healing on the level of mind, body, spirit, and soul takes place.


All healing modalities offered at Calmina: Lomilomi Nui or Kahuna Massage, Ayurvedic practices and Energy Healing are by-products of profound healing practices.  The sessions may include meditation, Energy Healing, Chakra balancing, ASMR, conscious breathing and spiritual body work with sacred oil to reconnect you back and open the emerald heart energy.


It’s time to take our health back in our own hands through spiritual bodywork and activate the inner divine physician, the hidden gem within all of us.

Mahalo Nui,


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