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Authentic Massage Therapy is for Healing and Relaxation purposes only, disrespectful and undignified requests will  NOT be tolerated. Please click on  the Policies  on the menu bar  on top of this page and carefully read through it before contacting me.


To make an appointment please give me and yourself at least a 24 hour  to mentally and spiritually prepare for your sacred Healing Session. Please also note, as of now ,I only take women as new clients. To make an appointment, you may contact me at or text me at 778-954-9951. Before each session contemplation, meditation and sometimes fasting is required for both the healer and the healee to ensure pure intentions, respect, clarity and receptivity for  each sacred healing session.  Please take into consideration that these sacred modalities substantially differ from ER, RMT, Spa or Chinese Massage Parlors as they are  byproducts of profound Spiritual and Sacred practices.


Being energetically and spiritually in sync and have an understanding  of these sacred spiritual modalities before booking is 

is important and assists you in your healing process.

 I specifically offer authentic Lomilomi Nui aka Kahuna Healing, Ayurvedic Indian Head Massage and Therapeutic Touch, even that some of these treatments include bodywork and massage, they are all based on sacred spiritual practices and unless you are already familiar with these modalities and have done your research I won't be able to book you for these sessions.

Lomilomi, Ayurvedic Indian Head Massage and Therapeutic Touch are not covered through insurance companies.


My hours are between 10 AM and 10 PM, by appointments only.  Lomilomi is a Shamanic spiritual bodywork and a  thorough treatment and each lomi session takes from 2 to 5 hours, Indian Ayurvedic Head Massage can be done in 1 to 1.5  and sometimes 2 hours.


Also please note that I require a min of 24 hours notice for cancellation or rescheduling of your appointment.

 I am here to assist you in your journey of healing and well-being. 


Mahalo and many blessings.

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