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How to book and contact me




Aloha and greetings,


Please click on policies on the menu bar before booking, as your agreement to the policies is required prior to booking your appointment.


Also please note,the Massages and healing modalities at Calmina Massage are not covered through extended health.


 To book your appointment, give me at least a day notice.


Please keep in your awareness that sacred healing modalities substantially differ from mainstream Massage modalities and Chinese massage parlors. Please read through to familiarize yourself with specific modalities offered at Calmina. Contemplation, respect, meditation and aligning oneself with the inner integrity and healing intentions is highly recommended.


This modality is for those who take their mental, spiritual and physical healing seriously and commit to their journey of healing and well being.

Lomilomi is a Hawaiian  spiritual practice, having pure intentions is a very integral part of  Kahuna spirtual bodywork. It is important that the person receiving the treatment to be energetically and spiritually in sync with the flow of energy and spiritual component of  this modality. In another word the inner mental and spiritual participation of the recipient is  important in spiritual healing. 

My hours are between 10 AM and 10 PM, by appointments only.



Lomilomi sessions take from 2 to 5 hours,  Ayurvedic Indian Head Massage can be done in 1 to 2 hours. Energy Healing and balancing chakras are incorporated in all treatments or it can be done separately.

​The best way to book your appointment is by texting me at 778-954-9951 or by sending an email to 

 I am here to assist you in your journey of healing, self discovery, empowerment and well-being. 


Mahalo and many blessings,



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