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Healing Touch Energy Therapy


Through healing touch, balance and unblock the flow of energy, let go of  resistance and dis-ease to create an state of health and vitality within your body. Healing Touch is a relaxing  and nurturing treatment that uses gentle touch or no touch at all (depending on your preference) to assist in balancing physical, mental and emotional health and well-being. This treatment is safe for all ages and works in harmony with standard medical care to support our innate ability to heal.

Duration: 1 and 1.5

Grounding Spiritual Sessions



Lomi Lomi Massage


Why Temple Style Lomilomi?

Temple Style Lomi Lomi is making waves, becoming one of the most popular forms of massage in the world.

Temple Style Lomi is called Temple Style because each Lomilomi session is looked at as a sacred, ceremonial healing. The actual massage is fluid and flowing, and incorporates more shamanic aspects of moving energy, breath work, and communing with the elements and ancestors. This style is also unique because of the joint rotations that are combined with the massage strokes. 


People often rave about their Temple Style Lomi sessions because the massage has such a profound impact on their being. Once they have the Temple Style experience, they don't want to go back to the other forms of massage out there. The reason for this is because they feel so honored and so deeply loved. The trancelike effect of the massage takes people on a shamanic journey.


The holy, sacred space that Temple Style Lomi Givers construct, offers a safe environment for people to become vulnerable, surrender, and open enough to release deeply buried wounds.

After releasing these deeply rooted, most cherished wounds, we find inside who we truly are, beyond the masks that we wear in the world, and we glimpse our true beauty and strength. We align with our True Path and our True Purpose, to live out our heart’s desire. There is definitely a huge need for this type of service in our society and our.


I personally really enjoy all forms of Lomilomi, as long as they are performed by a practitioner who is very caring, and sensitive.


We often find ourselves as practitioners, or Lomi Givers, mixing different styles of Lomilomi together, creating a perfect combination of strokes for that person’s personal needs.

This is truly a fascinating and humbling path to be on, one that opens many doors. I am eternally grateful for the spirit of aloha that flows through all things, and through those who help to keep the traditions of Hawaii and Lomilomi alive!

Article by Patti Miller

Videos of Lomi Lomi Massage








These spiritual sessions are designed to create a sense of calm and safety, groundedness and inner connection within the clients through compassionate and active listening, guided breath work, meditation, Energy Healing and smudging and  can greatly benefit those who  are struggling with PTSD, anxiety, depression and low mood.




Cliffrose Crescent

Coquitlam BC

V3E 2S9

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