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Why practicing Lomilomi Shamanic healing modality is my passion?

It was about 7 years ago, after going through series of traumatic events, I started experiencing extreme anxiety, dissociation and a debilitating sense of emptiness and despair. As if I was submerged inside a bottomless sense of absolute hopelessness, fear and devastation that simply no therapist could touch. I was desperately going from one Psychologist and counsellor to another without getting any substantial results. I also tried multiple psychotropic medications and they not only didn’t help but instead produced side- effects that were more difficult to deal with than the actual conditions and challenges I was struggling with.

I was craving a safe space, a refuge from mental turmoil, someone who could hold a non-judgemental sphere, so I could off load my emotional burden without worry. I needed to be bathed in an energy of unconditional love that could re-connect me back to my own soul. I was craving to be touched and held platonically and non-sexually in a way that would mend all my broken pieces back into wholeness.

Unfortunately, my search for such a healer and practitioner was not only unsuccessful but turned into a very exhausting journey. After two years of constant struggling alone, I started to somewhat get better so that I no longer felt that extreme anguish that was eating me up from inside out. The intensity of the pain subsided, but I could feel the underlying cause was still buried somewhere very deep within my physical and emotional body.

One day I came across an advertisement about the Healing Touch Program at Langara college, the idea truly captured my attention and ignited some hope in my somehow hopeless existence. I decided to go through and explore the training. I found the experience profoundly healing and intriguing, so much so that decided to practice it and become a Healing Touch practitioner.

After some months of practicing Healing Touch, a voice from deep within was guiding me to expand my practice into including bodywork into my healing practice. I thought the combination of Energy Healing and a body-work that is aligned with ancient massages, spirituality and energy healing would be a fantastic add on to my existing healing practice. So, after doing my research I found that Sacred Lomi Lomi or the Kahuna body- work would be an amazing massage and spiritual work to learn. I traveled to Big Island in Hawaii and not only experienced the sacred nature of this mother land, but also got trained and acquainted with one of the most powerful healing modalities there is. I not only learned this healing modality but also received its healing effects on me, which is transformational on the cellular levels. Since then my life is unfolding one layer at a time, my health improving and false masks within and around me are falling one by one. Yes, a beautiful journey was initiated, and I am on this fascinating exploration of self discovery and excavation while holding healing spaces for those who want to experience this divine healing body-work and art. Some might call it the journey of the wounded healer.

During my practice I witnessed Chronic diseases and body- aches being healed, many of my clients who were battling with PTSD, CPTSD, Anxiety, Depression, confusion and other emotional and psychological illnesses are showing great improvements.

This is a modality that not only addresses the pain and aches within our body, but also heals the core issues of the pain and Trauma that is hidden within the body. I now know that true freedom and healing happens only through connecting to the hidden places deep within our body and its cellular memories.

A complete Lomi Lomi session at my practice includes compassionate and non-judgmental listening, feet soak with salt water, sometimes smudging, Energy Healing, breath-work and a meditative Lomilomi Massage on the Massage Table. Some clients experience trance-like state of mind during the massage, some feel deeply relaxed and some get profound messages through connecting deeply with their inner world. Of course, each individual experiences the healing according to their personality, spiritual connections and past experiences, but almost all clients receive deep sense of healing, relief, lightness and unconditional love which heals all.

I sincerely invite you to experience this profound Shamanic Healing modality on your own. I am here to assist you and hold a sacred space for you and all your concerns and pain. You can always reach me by sending a message through my website at

Mahalo Nui to all,


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