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Why Lomi Lomi?

Lomi lomi is a unique healing modality that incorporates the touch, chakra activation and moving the universal Chi flow within the body and creates a profound healing experience.

As the practitioner of this Hawaiian Kahuna bodywork, I found that each healing Lomi movement brings about a multidimensional aspect that initiates an inner journey to authenticity, healing and a sense of groundedness within our being.

According to my experience Lomi is surpassing just a massage and it’s rather a combination of a spiritual ceremony, subconscious healing, heart opening, chakra balancing and a divine body work. Many of my clients have expressed a feeling of lightness, rejuvenation, love and extreme relaxation after the treatment. Lomi also assisted some of my clients who struggle with sleep deprivation and helped them to finally find peace and fall into restful sleeping patterns.

After multiple treatments many who have struggled with chronic psychological, emotional, spiritual and physical imbalances and dis-eases, indicated great improvement in their conditions and found hope to fully overcome any obstacle within and around them that prevents them from experiencing a fulfilling, creative and healthy life. If you are open enough and ready, this Shamanic bodywork can also connect you to different roams and dimensions of existence to retrieve knowledge and otherworldly experiences.

With much confidence I can say Lomi is a transformational bodywork that, if you allow it through openness, can align your being to the beautiful path of inner peace and meaning.

Much love and respect to all my ohanas


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