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The Healing Benefits of Lomi Lomi Massage

Lomi Lomi Nui is a Shamanic Massage modality that results in a profound physical, mental, emotional and spiritual healing for those who are willing to allow its healing spirit to work through their being. The practitioners of Lomi are trained to be conduits for directing and balancing the sacred life force, Prana, or the Chi energy flow, like the waves of the healing ocean, into the energetic, emotional and the physical body of the client. This sacred practice goes deep and initiates the healing of childhood wounds, current or old traumas, soul loss or any spiritual and emotional dis-ease or imbalance that we are dealing with . Lomilomi treatments also facilitate releasing and letting go of habits, self-sabotaging behaviors, belief systems or energies that are no longer serving us.

Those who are also suffering from mental health issues such as depression, anxiety and various forms of PTSD also greatly benefit from this massage as the philosophy and the nature of this healing modality is deeply rooted into the universal unconditional love and harmony that heals and aligns all imbalances.

This massage modality works deeply with the major energetic chakras of the body and clears the energetic pathways; therefore, it helps in releasing tension and removing pain and stiffness out of the muscles, bones and the joints and frees the body into feeling lighter and healthier.

I feel empowered to really encourage you to try this ancient and profound shamanic modality to experience its healing power on your own.

Mahalo Nui and many blessings to all,


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