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Lomilomi Nui Massage

Lomilomi is a Sacred Healing modality that is passed on to us by the Kahunas (healers) of the Hawaiian Culture. This healing modality certainly surpasses just a massage and its effects can be felt and recognized within our emotional, mental and spiritual bodies as well as our physical bodies.

According to this philosophy all di-eases and pain within the body are the results of accumulated and unhealed traumas within our physical and energetic bodies.

A lomilomi practitioner through soft and deep tissue elongated wave like movements, moves the energies within the body with an intention to remove all blockages and obstacles that cause disharmony and disease.

The results after the massage are almost immediate. Most of my clients express a sense of lightness, relaxation and are able to deal with life challenges in calmer and more grounded manners. Gradually, after attending lomi sessions for a period of time, psychological and physical illnesses become more manageable and eventually a profound healing takes place and deeply frees the mind, body and spirit form pain and diseases.

I strongly encourage you to experience this profound healing modality to feel it on your own.

Mahalo Nui and many blessings


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